30 U.S. Companies with the Most Offshore Holdings

Interesting insight on the amount of offshore holdings of U.S. multinational corporations: over $1.8 Trillion (and this only includes the 30 with the most offshore holdings).

“In the U.S., both corporate tax and income tax max out at around 40%. But when it comes to actually paying the tax man, Big Business plays by different rules than the average Mom and Pop stores that dot the country, forming the backbone of the economy. Many multinational corporations use their global reach, and a fair degree of high-tech accounting, to shift their assets, profits — and taxes due — to so-called offshore tax havens. These countries have minimal corporation tax rates, drastically reducing the amount of tax these multinationals have to pay.” – howmuch.net

It should be interesting to see what happens if any of these companies actually need to use this money domestically and have to pay repatriation tax to bring it back.

30 U.S. Companies with the Most Offshore Holdings (note: the dollar amounts listed on the chart are in “millions of dollars” — i.e. Apple’s $181,100 in “millions of dollars” is the same as $181.1 billion dollars, $59,200 in “millions of dollars” is the same as $59.2 billion dollars, etc.)



The original article from howmuch.net: This Interactive Calculator Shows How Much Tax Havens Are Costing America