Highlights from October — Third Wave Finance on Twitter


Highlights from October — Third Wave Finance on Twitter

  • Great analysis of the current market environment

  • Important quote regarding those constrained by complacency

  • Chart of expected returns for various asset classes over the forthcoming 7-year period, from Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo

  • Great analysis of the current economic and investment environment

  • Quote detailing the inefficacy of deficit spending in the current environment, and showing economic consequences from a broad lack of savings (partly due to low interest rates and high unproductive debt levels)
    • Mechanism showing interaction between unproductive debt, interest rates, savings, and employment
  • Quote signaling a negative government expenditure multiplier — i.e. deficit spending in the current environment would likely slow growth down
    • Quote detailing levels where government debt begins to negatively impact economic growth

  • The dilemma occurring for corporations and politicians who receive more reward for short-term decisions

  • Comedic relief to visualize a serious situation — desperation from many of the world’s central banks; experimental monetary policy is being used to try to “jumpstart” hollowed-out economies that require structural change