Highlights from November — Third Wave Finance on Twitter


Highlights from November — Third Wave Finance on Twitter

  • Article detailing the risks associated with the growing popularity of passive investing

  • Comment from A. Gary Shilling on long run yield expectations

  • Visual representation of increasing “financialization” — prices and profits for publicly traded companies rise, but broad wages stagnate

  • Article and comment on transitory inflation and expected direction for long-term treasury bond yields over time

  • Comment from Ben Inker on low long-run return expectations for traditional asset classes (stocks and bonds)

  • Visual of the three instances of the 21st century where long-term returns for stocks have been reduced

  • Comment on how and why assets vanish in a market crisis

  • Comment on the relative value and safety of bonds vs. stocks

  • Article detailing historical periods where interest rates have remained low

  • Comments on how interest rate movements affect economic growth in the current environment

  • Comment from A. Gary Shilling in response to post-election bond selloff

  • Chart of 7-year asset class real return forecasts from Grantham, Mayo, & Van Otterloo

  • Comment on structural and social risks in the current over-indebted economic environment

  • Comment from Jim Rogers on the importance of understanding history when investing

  • Comment on how debt has been used to support stagnant income levels in the economy

  • Comment that long-term returns depend on where in the investment cycle those investments are purchased

  • Chart of prominent currency standards throughout history

  • Chart and comments on unbalanced — and dangerous — levels of wealth inequality

  • Chart showing extremes in housing prices in various U.S. cities

  • Article from Lance Roberts on the “Long-Term Investing Myth”

  • Comment and link to a quick-reference guide to stock valuations in various countries