Highlights from April — Third Wave Finance on Twitter

third wave finance - april 30, 2017

Highlights from April — Third Wave Finance on Twitter

Article discussing several of the most important finance- and investment-related issues of our time — each with a significant social impact

Chart showing significant changes in China’s debt to GDP

Quote detailing the social consequences due to excessive debt, a misallocation of capital, and wealth disparity

Quote highlighting the constrictive nature of “Fed rate hikes”  (see these Third Wave Finance articles for more on Fed interest rate movements Why doesn’t anyone earn anything in a bank account anymore?The Persistent Fallacy of Rising Rates, and Fed Funds Rate vs. 30-, 10-, & 5-Year Treasury Bond Yields)

Quote and charts highlighting significant risks in credit-sensitive bonds (i.e. low credit quality bonds)

Third Wave Finance article Financialization & the Erosion of Growth was published on Real Investment Advice and Zero Hedge

Comment on often-overlooked risks to ETF investing

Chart and article addressing issues discussed in the Third Wave Finance article The Persistent Fallacy of Rising Rates

Comment on U.S. economic growth from the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI)

Stock analysis by country from Ask Friedrich

Stock analysis by region from Ask Friedrich