Highlights from May — Third Wave Finance on Twitter

third wave finance 5-31-2017


Highlights from May — Third Wave Finance on Twitter


Third Wave Finance is now on Instagram & Facebook, & has a shortened web address…

Quotes on an underutilized alternative investment strategy

Expected return for the S&P500 over the next 12 years (2017-2029) is approaching 0%

Quote from Niall Ferguson

Comment and links to unclaimed funds information

Article referencing the psychology of an asset bubble

Comments and articles on economic and stock market risks in China

Niall Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” series

Posts on high corporate offshore holdings, low effective corporate tax rates, low Share of GDI, and high corporate profits

Most stocks lose money over time; a small group generates the majority of stock market gains

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo’s 7-year Asset Class Real Return Forecast

Ask Friedrich’s summary of global stock valuations by country and region

Quote from Nassim Taleb

Update on the December 2016 bond market “panic”

Relative size of the world’s stock markets

Interesting tool to compare country sizes without errors that are created when showing a flat map of a round planet

Lacy Hunt’s comment on income distribution (from 2017 Mauldin Economics Strategic Investment Conference)

Update on experimental monetary policy & resulting asset bubbles & constrained economic growth

Comment on cryptocurrency trend

Comment regarding inefficacy of monetary policy in current economic environment