Ask Friedrich — A global stock screening tool that analyzes stocks and groups of stocks (i.e. industries, sectors, global markets, mutual funds, & ETFs, etc.), based on valuation, fundamental performance, and warning criteria.

Real Investment Advice — A website providing content covering economics, markets, and portfolio management.

GuruFocus — A website with market, stock, and economic data.  There is also a stock screening tool and news articles, as well as commentary and tracking information to view the portfolios of well-known investors.  

FinViz — A website offering a very detailed stock screening tool.  It provides financial-visualization charts for stocks and ETFs that you can customize – see the MAPS tab and also BUBBLES (left side of page after selecting MAPS) for a unique view.  It also includes performance information for futures, currencies, equity sectors, and ETFs.

StarCapital — A website with a quick-view valuation tool — a good starting point when searching for undervalued global markets.

SocialFunds — A website that provides articles on social investing.  It also includes a detailed screening tool that lists the specific social concerns of each socially conscious fund and allows you to sort based on the issues that are most important to you.

Unclaimed Funds  —  Tens-of-billions of dollars of unclaimed money is currently being held by the government; they’re waiting for it to be claimed by the proper owners.

See if you or your family members are owed money from the federal or state government.

Unclaimed money can be forwarded to unclaimed funds departments due to a number of different situations — a change of address with no new forwarding address, the original owner is deceased, simply because the owner is unaware that they are owned money, etc.  The original sources of the unclaimed funds include insurance policies, investment dividends, unpaid wages, tax refunds, and pensions, among others.